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Google Remarketing how to

Remarketing is a great tool that makes small business look like big business.  Like many small businesses, you probably have a limited budget and really want to squeeze out all the marketing effectiveness from your advertising spend you can.  Remarketing with Google Adwords will help you!


The Benefits of Remarketing:

  1. Increase conversion of visitors you’ve already spent advertising dollars on to get to your website.
  2. Increased brand awareness to a targeted group of potential clients.
  3. Give potential clients a feeling of “they are everywhere” making your small business look like a big business.

How do I set up Remarketing?

There are some modifications that need to be done to your website, plus if you don’t already have Google Adwords set up, then you’ll need to set up a Google Adwords account.  iGo Sales and Marketing can help you do this.  Sign up for a free web analysis and not only will you get some great insight on how to improve your online marketing, but we’ll give you a proposal for setting up Google Adwords Remarketing.


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