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You probably need someone to revise your website constantly and add new content on a regular basis. Plus, it’s good practice to update your WordPress software and plugins on a regular basis to maintain security. Keeping regular backups of your site is also good practice in case it gets hacked or infected with a virus. If all this sounds like to much work to you, then outsource the job to iGo Sales and Marketing. We have WordPress maintenance packages to suit your needs and budget.

Why You Need a Website Care Plan

A WordPress website maintenance plan is a great idea that saves you cost and aggravation in the long run. Let an expert backup and take care of your website before it becomes a problem. This results in less down time and a better, faster loading website that is likely to rank better on Google. Sign up for one of our WordPress Maintenance Packages today.

Peace Of Mind

You’ll have a technical expert that backs you up when things go wrong. You’re website is your portal to your customers and if it goes down, get’s hacked or compromised, having an expert on call lets you rest easy.

Website Security

Keeping your website up to date and secure is a key component of any care plan. This significantly reduces the likelihood of your site being compromised or attacked.

Helps Your SEO

A well run website, that is updated and runs fast helps your SEO and can increase your search rankings.

Save Time

If you choose a plan that includes support time, we can take all the hassles of content updates off of your hands, or train you on how best to accomplish modifications.

Regular Backups

Having a regular backup of your site is key if the worst happens and your website gets hacked, your hosting company closes your account or your server crashes. Imagine having to start again! With our backup service you can be up and running in no time.

CRM Integration

A great website design is key piece to your sales and marketing funnel. We integrate with your CRM to push lead data to improve sales intelligence and save time.

Correct Technical Operation

Our technical experts will ensure your website runs properly and secure after doing an initial audit when you join one of our website care and maintenance plans.

We can customize one of our WordPress maintenance packages that’s right for you and your business. Be sure to contact us and ask us for a custom quote.

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Key WordPress Website Maintenance Packages Plan Components:

Here are typical features of a WordPress Website Maintenance Package. Most packages are customizable so you only have to pick the services you need.

Monthly File Backups

We back up your WordPress core files, plugins, and uploads files on a monthly basis. Making it easy to re-install if crash or hack occurs. All backups are stored independent of your hosting environment for an added layer of security.

Weekly Database Backups

All your site content is stored in a MySQL database. If the database gets corrupted or hacked it needs to be restored. We’ll keep a weekly backup of your MySQL database. All backups are stored independent of your hosting environment for an added layer of security.

Monthly Plugin Updates

Much of the functionality within WordPress is the result of plugins that add functionality like contact forms, special formatting, multi-lingual capabilities, etc. These plugins should be updated regularly for security purposes and the latest functionality. We update these plugins as they are available throughout the month.

Monthly WordPress Updates

The core WordPress install is updated at least a few times a year and more frequently if a security flaw is identified. We keep your WordPress core up to date so that chances of a security breach are minimized.

Security Monitoring/Lockdown

Be default, there are many vulnerabilities that a hacker may exploit. With security lock-down we close the weak links and also regularly monitor your site for brute force attacks and take corrective action.

Site Restore

If your plan includes site restore. If your site crashes or gets hacked for any reason, we’ll restore to the latest backup for free.

Development Hours

If your plan includes development hours we’ll do minor updates and fixes at your request. This includes phone and email support and troubleshooting up to the development hours included in the plan. Unused development hours do not carry over from month to month. If development time is exceeded extra time will be billed at the hourly rate included in the plan. On demand development hours are billed at $95 per hour, with one of the plans above, you get a discounted hourly rate.

Monthly Reporting

The monthly reporting option includes traffic stats from search, paid, social media, as well as keyword position reporting and basic SEO analysis.

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Website Care Packages For Security & Performance. You Need Monthly Backups, Plugin Updates, And Security Monitoring.

We have your back! Not only will we keep current backups of your site, we’ll secure it against threats and make sure it’s running at optimal performance.

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WordPress Website Maintenance Packages FAQ

We have some answers to commonly asked questions.

WordPress along with all the other software that your website depends on like the software your web server runs on (your hosting) updates over time to become faster and more secure. WordPress has to be constantly updated as well to add features, be faster, and more secure as well. Plus, as the software ecosystem that WordPress depends on updates, WordPress must remain compatible. In addition to WordPress all of the other software or “plugins” that do things like produce lead forms, show google maps, make fancy sliders, etc also update over time to work within the software ecosystem and become faster, have more features and tighten security.
By not updating WordPress and the related plugins you’re website is not as fast as it could be and also you’re leaving your website vulnerable to known security threats that will have been patched in upgrades and updates.
Pretty much anything you can think of that involves the operation and upkeep of your website from plugin updates, problem resolution, coaching, training, adding products, speeding up your website, woocommerce support, etc, included in your site support time. However, it does not include development of new features, functionality or custom coding. Installing new and configuring new plugins or software is also not included, this is development time. If you need a feature or function that your site is not currently designed to do, this work will be quoted and billed separately. It also does not include any marketing activities like SEO or graphic design work.
Keep in mind Website Care Packages are designed do keep your site running as is, as safely and efficiently as possible. They are not intended to upgrade your website over time into a different website.
Click on the button, place an order in our online store for the service. You’ll go to Paypal where you can pay by credit card. OR you can request a quote for your specific needs by filling out our WordPress Website Maintenance request for quote form. Request Quote Here
When you run out of hours, you’ll be charged at the hourly rate, or your option is to purchase another block of time. We don’t make any changes for free, even little ones.
No, all work is paid in advance
Yes, because this is a special discounted hourly rate the hours expire at the end of the month. You can use the hours for training or coaching or any updates to your website. Also, there are times when fixing a problem with an update or migrating your site to a more current hosting environment uses up many more hours than a single month’s allotment.
Generally, no. We do not provide “on demand” phone support or training. All requests will be sent to our support email address. If you plan includes phone calls, we will pre-arrange a time to speak with you about your issue.
You can cancel any time with 30 days notice. There’s no long term commitment.
Yes, we’ll generally do an initial consult and review of your site and recommend a plan and/or modifications to bring it up to standards.
Website Care Plans do not include hosting. After a review of your website, we may recommend alternate hosting. However, in most cases we will work with the hosting plan you already have setup.
Generally no, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a separate service. Website maintenance plans focus primarily on ongoing function and security of your website while SEO is focused on optimizing your site for search engines.
Generally No, consulting about marketing strategy, design, layout and copywriting are separate services. Website maintenance plans are primarily focused on ongoing operation and security of your website. Ask us about website consulting services.
Yes, we only support and maintain WordPress websites. We’ve built and maintained over a hundreds of websites over 10 years in business. Our expertise and focus is WordPress Website Maintenance.
Yes, absolutely. However, we may have to do a paid evaluation at the start of the project to ensure that the website is built reasonably and can be upgraded and maintained in the future.
  • Basic


    Monthly File Backup

    Monthly MySQL Database Backup

    Monthly Plugin Updates

    Restore From Backup if Crash/Hack

    $115/hr Development Rate

    All Support is BIllable

    Free Consult
  • Premium


    Monthly File Backup

    Monthly MySQL Database Backup

    Monthly Plugin Updates

    Restore From Backup if Crash/Hack

    $95/hr Discounted Development Rate

    1/2 Hour Site Support Time

    email Support

    Free Consult
  • All Inclusive


    Weekly File Backup

    Weekly MySQL Database Backup

    Monthly Plugin Updates

    Restore From Backup if Crash/Hack

    $85/hr Discounted Development Rate

    1 Hour Site Support Time

    Monthly Reporting

    email Support + 1 Phone call/month

    Free Consult
  • Best Value


    Daily File Backup

    Daily MySQL Database Backup

    Monthly Plugin Updates

    Restore From Backup if Crash/Hack

    $75/hr Discounted Development Rate

    2 Hours Site Support Time

    Monthly Reporting

    SEO Reporting

    email Support + 3 Phone Calls/Month

    Uptime Monitoring

    Free Consult