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Plus, it’s Free and Open Source

SuiteCRM is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System. It allows business to collect contacts, market to those contacts and manage their sales process more effectively and efficiently. Plus, SuiteCRM is Open Source so, you can download it, install it and customize it as you like. Also, there are no user fees or expensive maintenance fees like some of the other comparable CRM products on the market. iGo Sales and Marketing are SuiteCRM Consultants offering SuiteCRM consulting services to help you implement SuiteCRM.

What can you do with SuiteCRM?

SuiteCRM is comparable to the best paid CRM systems on the market, except, it’s open source and available for free download. Our SuiteCRM consultants will help you install, implement, upgrade and train in SuiteCRM. We’ll also help you define and automate your Sales Process. Some of the features of SuiteCRM that come included in the free download are:

Targets, Leads, Contacts & Accounts

Easily manage all your customer contact information and contact history in the SuiteCRM database.

EMail Marketing Campaigns

Effectively market to all of your leads contacts and clients with SuitCRM’s built in email campaign manager.

Sales Opportunity Management

Never lose track of an opportunity again with SuiteCRM’s sales funnel and opportunity management system.

Case Management

Supercharge your customer service. Keep track of and respond to client support requests with SuiteCRM’s case module.

Lead Automation

Integrates with your website contact form to send automated emails to leads.

Manage Quotes and Invoices

Produce and track quotes right in SuiteCRM. Makes them easier to manage and automate follow up.

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SuiteCRM Consultant Services

iGo Sales and Marketing is experienced in sales process management and integration with SuiteCRM. As a SuiteCRM consultant service, iGo Sales and Marketing helps clients with:


We can help you download, install, host and set up the system for your specific sales process or industry application.


Maybe you’re already using an expensive alternative to manage your sales process and are tired of all the restrictions and expense. We’ll help you migrate to SuiteCRM.


We can help you with SuiteCRM customization by adding new fields and/or modules that better fit your business process.

Sales Process Consulting

We can help you design, implement and manage an effective sales process through the use of SuiteCRM. Never miss a deal again!


Whether you need help with sales training or SuiteCRM training we can help you and your team get the most out of your installation.

Hosting Services

We’ll help you set up a cloud server for your SuiteCRM installation so you and your team will be able to access it on the web from anywhere!

If you don’t see a service you need listed, don’t worry. Give us a call and we’ll help you. Depending on your needs we also do custom development and some integrations.

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Our Sales Consulting Process

We meet with you and your team to evaluate your marketing and sales process needs.  We help you document and qualify your lead generation, selling and  on boarding process.  This is key in developing an implementation plan.

Based on the Discovery Workshop we’ll recommend the best implementation plan for your business including custom fields, automation, training and customizations required.

We’ll implement the over design of your sales and marketing system from website lead collection all the way to on boarding of new clients and after service support.  We’ll help you integrate your current data into your new CRM and ensure you leverage as much automation as possible to save you time and increase effectiveness.  Plus, we’ll make sure you and your staff are properly trained on how to use the entire system.

After installations, migrations and training, clients often have follow up questions and future process improvements they’d like to see.  We’ve been here for 10 years and we’ll be here to help you use  SuiteCRM and support its use in your organization.