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Digital Marketing Agency Signature Solution

Drive Revenue and Meet Your Marketing Goals

We’re a Digital Marketing Agency with a plan. Easy, one-stop shop, complete web marketing solutions is part of our Signature Solution. Unlike many other marketing agencies we are not trying to sell you a specific product. While we offer SEO, Pay Per Click Marketing, Web Design, CRM and Marketing Automation, it’s not just one thing that will generate leads and business from your website, its leveraging the right tools for the right prospects, at the right time. Many clients start by looking for an “eye catching website”. However, that alone won’t get you the results you want. What you need is a STRATEGY. A strategy that leverages all of the components to drive leads to your website, convert them to leads, then manage them through and automated marketing funnel and finally, to deliver sales ready leads to your sales team.

Our Digital Marketing Process

Our process is simple.  We start with a Discovery Workshop.  This is at least a 2 hour session with you and your team, along with our Discovery Workbook to help you (and us!) dial in on the perfect digital strategy for your business.  Out of the Discovery Workshop we may recommend a specific keyword strategy, a website redesign, pay per click marketing funnel, marketing automation or sales automation, or all of the above!  A successful digital marketing strategy starts with search and ends with a booked client.  iGo Sales and Marketing is a Digital Marketing Agency that will help you navigate from origin to destination.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Step 1: ATTRACT -Drive Traffic To Your Website

The first step in the strategy is to figure out a plan to get traffic to your site. It’s not all about “being #1 on Google”. Organic search is just one channel that sends traffic to your website. Here at iGo Sales and Marketing we take a holistic approach to your web traffic. We define the type of customer you are looking for, then figure out the best way to reach them and get them to arrive on your website. This may include pay per click marketing, Google Ads, Meta Ads or social media.

Stage 2: CAPTURE – Convert Web Traffic To Leads

Your website then must be designed in such a way to convert that traffic to a lead. Few people, especially in B2B marketing “buy now”. Most leads that arrive on your website are in the investigatory stage and need information. You can smartly exchange that information for their contact information. Once you have have their contact information, you are now in control. You can send them as much information as you like.

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Stage 3: IDENTIFY – Nurture & Identify Sales Ready Leads

The second part of our Digital Marketing process (and the most important!) is what to do with the leads you generate from your website.  Many clients pay for advertising, SEO and Digital Marketing and then when a lead comes in they call or email them and say, “Oh, bad leads, they we’re interested”.  While not every lead is “perfect” people enter your sales funnel at different times in the buying cycle.  Some are very early in the investigative stage and are not ready for a sales call.  This is where lead nurturing comes in.  The lead goes into your CRM where they are tracked, scored and sent a timed series of emails.  If, and when the prospect is ready to buy, the emails are designed with calls to action that allows the prospect self identify as ready for a sales call.  No more wasted time calling prospects who aren’t interested!  By looking at your CRM you’ll immediately be able to leverage lead scoring to know exactly who your most engaged prospects are by looking at their lead score.  No more guessing.

Stage 4: CLOSE – Convert Leads Into Clients

Once a potential client has self identified as ready to buy, you’re almost there, but not quite.  You need a system to track and opportunity through the buying cycle all the way to close.  This is where a CRM comes in.  iGo Sales and Marketing helps you install, configure and optimize a CRM to manage your sales process to increase close rates and visibility of opportunities in the funnel

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iGo Sales and Marketing will help you put together  a complete marketing system.  All you have to do is contact us.

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Benefits Of Our Signature Digital Marketing Solution

When you have your audience properly defined. You know where to find them. When you know who your target audience is, you can leverage your marketing spend focused on the target and not waste ad spend (or SEO Campaigns) on prospects who are not your ideal client. This improves click-through rates, conversions and ultimately, lowers your cost per lead.

Better targeted advertising leads to getting more targeted prospects in your funnel. A lower cost per lead allows you to get more leads for the same marketing spend. This not only improves your ROI but gets you more leads at the same time!

When leads come in, they’ll automatically get into your CRM. This is where the magic happens. Your CRM, properly configured is a marketing machine. iGo Sales and Marketing leverages tools that help you manage, score and send automated email campaigns to. Everything is measured and nothing is lost. You’ll know exactly the status of every single lead generated. This ensures nothing is lost, maximizing your conversion into customers and therefore increasing revenue.

Your sales resources (people) are expensive! They are some of your highest paid resources. Why relegate them to prospecting leads who aren’t ready to buy. This only serves to demotivate your sales team, causing turnover as well as, lack lustre results. Plus, think of all the wasted time. What if you only have your sales reps call interested, engaged leads who are ready to buy? You can! Your marketing system will score the leads and schedule a call for the sales rep assigned when the lead reaches a certain score threshold or criteria. Think of all the saved time. Plus, a system as described, needs less sales reps to handle only the most qualified and engaged leads. Think about how this will lower your cost per new customer acquisition!

Because everything is digital, everything is tracked. You will now have full visibility into things like: leads generate, cost per lead, emails sent, open rates, lead scores, average point changes (engagement), sales activity, close rates. Every piece of information you’ve ever dreamed of is available to help you better manage and monitor your sales process from initial search by a lead all the way to close.