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SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be confusing topic for many business owners. We’ll make it clear for you. SEO starts with a strategy. Figuring our what your business does best and how potential clients would search for your business online is the basis of any SEO strategy. In addition to figuring out the right search terms that make sense for your business, how competitive those keywords are with other websites already ranking for them and what a reasonable strategy would be for your company to rank search terms.

Once the goals are established on page SEO is generally the first place to start optimizing. Making sure you have a proper website structure and ensuring your content matches the keywords you are trying to rank for are the main goals on on-page SEO optimization. There are also many optimizations we do with “meta data”. This may seem like a buzz word, but really just is information about your website, business and products or services that search engines can read and understand in a specific format. Once this information is read and understood by the search engines, your site and key information can be indexed properly.

Off page optimizations are another focus of SEO. Off page SEO optimizations have to do with the number and quality of links that point to your website from other websites. Generally, this is not something that can be manufactured. Inbound links to your website happen organically because you have great content that others want to link to. Creating and sharing great content builds links and increases user engagement with your site, both of which are ranking factors.

Call us, or fill out a contact form on our site, we offer Mississauga SEO Services and we’d be happy to talk to you about whether SEO is an appropriate marketing channel for your business.

The Benefits of an SEO Campaign

For most clients, having an SEO strategy is key meet overall digital marketing objectives. Here are some specific benefits you can expect from a well design SEO Campaign and Strategy.

Increased Web Traffic

SEO that is focused on increasing rank for specific search terms often increases traffic to your website.

Greater Engagement

Visitors that arrive on your site specifically for something they are searching for are more likely to stay on your site longer.

Increased Conversions

More visitors means more conversions. That means more lead forms filled out and more phone calls.

Lower Ad Spend

Any traffic you get via SEO is traffic you don’t have to pay for on a cost per click basis. An effective SEO strategy can reduce your overall marketing spend.

Ask about our free initial SEO Audit.  It’ll give you a great idea of what work needs to be done.  If you like you can also schedule a free SEO call with us to review your results and find out what we can do to help you get better exposure on search engines.  We’re located locally here in Mississauga and provide SEO and other marketing services to all sizes of local businesses and companies looking to increase their ranking on search engines.

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Our Sales Driven SEO Process

All of our projects start with a Discovery Workshop.  In this 90 minute (or longer depending on the scope of the project) we’ll walk you through key areas of strategy and analysis that will help improve the ranking and traffic of your website.  In addition, we’ll help you set realistic SEO goals and objectives.

Based on extensive research of your market position, desired clients and the Discovery Workshop, we’ll present you with a detailed plan of how we are going to work together to achieve your lead and revenue goals.

We’ll work with you to implement the SEO strategy.  That may mean content creation, website re-design or restructuring or re-writing your website content.

We’ll work with you on a monthly retainer business to ensure your SEO program and strategy is on target and meeting the goals and objectives set.  Plus, as SEO Optimization is ever changing, we’ll be on hand to make sure your strategy is in step with the latest SEO focus of Google and other Search Engine.

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SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about SEO.

No! There are a few things that must be true to determine whether SEO is right for your business. Contact us and we’ll go through the criteria with you. Basically, people have to be searching for what you are offering. So for example if you are launching a new product that no one has ever heard of, it’s unlikely SEO will help you because no one is looking for your product or service. In addition, the search terms that are relevant for you must be winnable. For example, if you sell hammers. Good luck in competing with Home Depot and other big box stores for top billing in search. Now, if you sell some kind of special hammer for a specific market like “gold mining hammers” then you have a chance to rank for this specific search term. Finally, there has to be payback. SEO is time consuming and if you’re outsourcing it, expensive. If you’re selling a low volume low price item or service, it’s probably not worth it. If you sell high volume or a high priced item with good margin, you’ll probably find payback in SEO efforts.
Specific SEO results are never guaranteed. Search Engine Optimization implements best practises and strategy with the goal of improving ranking and thereby traffic to your website. However, how a website ranks on Google is 100% up to Google and their algorithms. Also, nothing is stopping competitors from taking counter measure to improve their own rankings. Generally however, a long-term commitment to SEO and Search Engine Marketing SEM increases ranking and traffic over time.
Search Engine Optimization is complex. It requires special software (that costs a lot of money) to help analyze and track all the facets of SEO. It also changes constantly. Keeping up with all the changes from Google, not only in the tools they offer, but also what they tell Webmasters they value in terms of ranking is a huge task. Hire someone for SEO Services that does it for a living. You’ll get better value out of your time and money by hiring an expert.
On page SEO primarily focuses on optimizing your site for the Google Index. This includes constructing the navigation, category structure, text, titles and behind the scenes meta data to ensure Google knows how to index and catalogue your site when it crawls it. This is something you have 100% control over. Off page SEO is the number and quality of links from other websites that point to yours. This is not something you have a lot of control over. As a matter of fact, purchasing links or schemes of link farms are against Google’s policy. The best way to get links from other sites is to produce good content over time that people are likely to link to.
SEO, as mentioned above is primarily concerned with organic listings on search engines. SEM or Search Engine Marketing, can include SEO but also includes things like Pay Per Click Marketing and Social Media Marketing.
The issue is, SEO is not one thing, but hundreds of little things. An SEO consultant will come up with a strategy, make adjustments and then they have to wait for a few weeks to see the result of those changes. Based on the outcome, the SEO consultant will make make further adjustments. Some adjustments may have negative or undesired affects on ranking. However, this process of evaluation, change and re-evaluation drives rankings upward over time.
When you search for something on Google you will see a “snippet” listing. This listing has a title and a description. Both of these are meta information that is contained in the script of your web page. The meta title is the title of the page that displays on Google Search and the meta description is the description that appears on Google Search.
Schema is meta data that is encoded as script on your web page. This script is coded in such a way that search engines can read it easily. Schema can contain things like your type of business, products and services offered, address, phone number and also reviews and aggregate review ratings. All this is used by search engines to properly catalogue your website.
White hat SEO is doing many of the things on this page and things recommended by Google to better index your site. These things are unlikely to get you in any trouble with Google. Black hat SEO on the other hand is contravening Google’s policies to try and get a competitive advantage. Purchasing links and establishing link farms would be examples of black hat SEO techniques.
Organic search results are the non-paid listings that show when you search something on Google or any other search engine. Organic search results are the primary focus of SEO. Paid listings on the other hand, are the focus of Search Engine Marketing.
While every page is ranked individually, a large body of content can produce an advantage of getting many inbound links to your domain increasing your domain authority. Provided however, that you have a compendium of good content that people link to and you have a good linking structure from that content back to your key pages.
Yes! Adding blogs and relevant content attract an audience. Great blog articles also attract links from other sites. If you regularly produce, share and post great blog articles you are more likely to help the rest of your website pages rank on Google. Especially, if you also link to your key pages from highly rated blog articles.
Truly, no one knows how Google works except for Google. However, Google often and regularly releases information that’s beneficial both for web masters and Google to get good content indexed and in front of people who are searching for it. Basically, Google has to have a good understanding of what your page and website is about (On page SEO) and know how popular and authoritative your content is on the subject (off page SEO). Google judges popularity and authority by the number and quality of links pointing to your website or specific web page. You can think of it like a “score” that Google assigns your page based on these factors. The page with the highest score gets the highest rank.
It depends. Here at iGo Sales and Marketing the first thing we’re going to do is see if an investment in SEO is worth it. In order to be worth it, keywords that are relevant for your business have to be winnable. Meaning there’s not a huge competitor with more resources than you trying to rank for that keyword. In addition, the keyword has to have enough traffic that makes it worth while. Finally, the expected sales, leads or revenue generate from winning a particular keyword has to have return on investment (ROI) to pay for the SEO work and also generate additional profit.

In some cases Pay Per Click marketing might be a better investment if the cost of the keywords are low and the competition for organic keywords is high.
SEO services often include on page SEO optimization as described above. We have special software that will scan and review your site and point one of our SEO Optimization Specialists in the right direction for areas of improvement. Generally, link analysis and competitive analysis is also done as part of an SEO Services contract. Finally, keyword rankings are analyzed and suggested strategies for winnable keywords are presented. Contact iGo Sales and Marketing today if you’re interested in SEO Services and we’ll put together a custom proposal for you. The best way to get started is with the FREE SEO Audit at the top of this page.