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Google Video Marketing

Everyone who’s been on YouTube has probably seen the video marketing ads that play before a video starts or the ads in the top right sidebar.  It’s super easy to make this happen for you.  We can help!

What is YouTube Video Marketing?

In case you haven’t seen them, usually before a video starts, a short “commercial” will play 5 seconds before the video you want to watch plays.  The viewer has the option to opt out of the ad after 5 seconds and they’ll be taken to their video.  Or, they can watch the commercial if they are interested and it applies to them.

The key thing here for advertisers is that you only pay when someone watches the video.  This is great because you can potentially get thousands of exposures for free.  That’s right, if people don’t watch the video you don’t pay.

How Can You Use YouTube Video Marketing to Grow Your Business?

Google has many ways to help you target potential clients:


You can target  clients in a particular geographic area.

“In Market” Audiences

Google knows by your search patterns and other methods what you are in the market for.  For example if  you’ve been to bicycle shop websites and have been searching for bicycles on Google.  They know you’re “in market” for buying a bike!  Advertisers can use this to target YouTube users who are “in market’ for whatever they are selling.

Affinity Audiences

You can also target people who have specific interests.  For example, let’s say you are selling a new gardening tool.  You could target people who are interested in “home and garden”.

Demographic Audiences

You can also target people by age and gender.  I had a client who was selling a Hot Flash Eliminator product for women during menopause.  Well, it’s super easy to target women aged 40-55.


Let’s say you want to target people who have already been on your website.  This is easy with Video Remarketing!  You can choose to show the video to people who have already been on your site, or just a specific page.  This is great for getting a second chance at converting that visitor to a client.  It’s also great for branding.  Your clients who’ve been on your website will see your video ads.

How Much Does Video Advertising this Cost?

It’s very inexpensive.  You only pay when someone either watches the whole ad, or clicks through to your site.  So for a few hundred dollars, you can literally get thousands of views that are free.

How Do I Get Started with Video Advertising on YouTube?

Contact us and we can discuss how to get your video ad on Google.  There are various options for display of the ads as well as targeting that would be specific to your business.  Give us a call and set up a free consultation and we’ll walk you through it.

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