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Speed up Your Blog Posts!

Rank Higher in Google!

Get More Leads!

With Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

What is Google AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages.  It’s an open source initiative to make the web better for all.  It’s widely supported by Google and can help not only user experience, but also help your website ranking.  Google now has a special area at the top of the page for AMP related content.  The idea is that these pages run faster on mobile phones and are a light-weight version of the full desktop page.  More information can be found at the AMP Project:



You’ll see that the search result in Google has a special AMP logo, meaning it’s accelerated for Mobile Experience.  Google will serve p the mobile version of the page for your website visitor.  That means it’s faster.  Plus, typically AMP pages will appear higher on mobile search results.

To see the mobile version of this page, simply go to:


What’s Required to Make Your Blog Posts AMP Compliant?

AMP has very strict compliance for JavaScript, HTML and CSS and what is allowed to be included in the design of the page.  This all sounds very complicated, and it is.  However, if you have a WordPress website there are some great plugins that make the job of striping down your CSS, JS and HTML to an AMP compliant design very easy.

Facebook Version

Facebook also has a version of AMP for Facebook posts.  Their version is called “Instant Articles”.  This standard is a little more difficult to implement in that you need a Facebook page and have to sign up for instant articles privileges.  You also have to submit some articles for their review before you are approved.  You can find out more information at:

Indexing Google AMP Pages

Creating and making sure your pages are Google AMP compliant are only half the battle.  You also need to make sure that you have these pages listed in your sitemap and submit the sitemap to Google through Webmaster Tools to ensure the pages get crawled and indexed as Google AMP Pages.

Can iGo Sales and Marketing Help me with my Google AMP Pages?

Yes!  Absolutely!  If you need help configuring and setting up your blog articles to appear as Google AMP Pages, then please contact us.  We’re here to help and this type of upgrade to your website is both cost effective and helps with your SEO.

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