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You may be wondering “what can Google Adwords do for my Business?”  The answer is… a lot!  Many small business owners struggle with getting leads and new business.  Google Adwords makes growing your business easy.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is Pay Per Click Advertising that drives qualified traffic to your site.  In most markets Google gets about 90% of all search traffic.  So when someone is looking for a “plumber” they typically search for it on Google.  Typically, less than 10% of searchers go to page 2.  So it’s incredibly important to be on the first page.  With Google Adwords you can be on the front page tomorrow.  It really is that easy!

Google Adwords

How does Google Adwords Work?

Firstly, Google Adwords is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, so you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.  You set up bids for keywords like “plumber” in the above example.  Let’s say cost per click is around $2.00/ click.  This price will vary.  Every time someone types “plumber” into Google, an auction is held on Google’s computers.  Google does a whole bunch of calculations about what is the best ad to show and who has the highest bid and in a fraction of a second you appear on the first page if you “win” the auction.  Your add will continue to show as long as you have budget left in the day and you have a winning bid.

Frequently Asked Questions About  Google Adwords

How do I control my Costs?

It’s easy, you set a daily budget.  In the above example, if you set a bid at $10 per day, you would get about 5 clicks per day for people searching for “plumber” on Google.

What if my competitor clicks on my add 5 times and uses up my budget?

This is a common question for people new to PPC Advertising.  Don’t worry, Google’s got you covered.  A typical person searching for “Plumber” doesn’t click on the add 5 times.  Google monitors for “invalid clicks”, so if someone happened to try this, Google would credit you back for the invalid clicks.

I don’t want someone in China clicking on my ads!

No problem here either, Google Adwords is geographically targeted.  Google knows where you are by your IP address, or your search term.  So they only server up ads in the geographic area you want.

Real World Example of How Google Adwords Works:

One of my clients paints kitchen cabinets.  I took over managing their Google Adwords account recently.  Since I’m a Google Adwords Partner, I know my stuff.  I was able to set up the advertising campaign properly to produce results.

Client spends $70 per day and gets about 15 clicks per day. This client gets about 1 lead per day.  That’s a 6% conversion rate which is really great!  What’s more important is about 1 in 3 leads turns into a job with an average price of $3000.  So let’s do the math.

Each lead costs $70 and it takes 3 leads to get a job, so each job cost $210 in advertising.  A pretty good investment for a $3000 painting job.

This is the math that has to work for Google Adwords to be an effective advertising medium.  It has to be a good mix of traffic, conversions to leads and closed business from those leads in order to pay for the advertising system.

How Can I get Started with Google Adwords?

Here at iGo Sales and Marketing, we’re a Google Partner’s Agency and I personally am Adwords Certified.  I will help you put the campaign together and set up the advertising budget, keyword bids and write the ads.  It costs less than you think to have a professional do it for you.  Call me to discuss or fill out a form online and get a free anlysis!


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