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Speeding Up Your Website Grows Your Business

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Not only does a faster website help you rank better on Google, but it has been shown to increase conversions which grows your online business.

In addition, as of May 2021 Google is rolling out it’s pages experience algorithm which includes a big page speed indicator.  Faster websites will rank better than slower ones.  Now’s the time to work on your page speed.

Here’s a guide to help.

Benefits of Speeding Up Your Website

Google has been using website speed and mobile website speed as a ranking factor for a while now.  I personally have experienced increased ranking in a wide range of keywords, just by speeding up the website.  In addition, there are many studies that show increased page speed results in increased conversions.

Conclusion:  Investing in speeding up your website is worth the investment!

How to Speed Up Your Website


The number one, and easiest way to ensure a fast website is upgrade your hosting plan.  Maybe you started out with a pretty basic site and have a $10/month shared hosting plan, but over time you’ve added more functionality and Plugins to your WordPress website.   Now your pages load slow.  Time to first byte is a key measurement of page speed and is largely dependent upon how fast your web server can process the PHP and other scripts required to run your web page.  There are other options for hosting that have a dramatic effect on page speed.

Slowest:  Shared Hosting, cost = cheap (about $10-$20/month) See Plans

Better:  WordPress Hosting, cost = inexpensive (about $10/-$20month) See Plans

Better Still:  VPS Hosing (Virtual Private Server)  cost = reasonable (about $40/month to $200/month) See Plans

Fastest: Dedicated Server cost= expensive ($150 -$500/month) See Plans

The high end plans seem like an expensive option, but if you’re a high volume ecommerce site, it’s easy to justify the cost of a faster server with the increased sales that come with it.

On-Site Speed Optimization

Simple Ways to Increase Page Speed

These simple ways to increase page speed generally don’t require a lot of time or expertise and can be done with free plugins and software.

Harder Ways to increase Page Speed

These ways to increase page speed require a degree of expertise to implement, plus a large time commitment for testing and tweaking to get right.

Complicated Ways to Increase Page Speed

These ways to increase page speed have great benefits but require a high degree of technical expertise and are time consuming to implement.

Need Help Implementing Page Speed Optimization?

iGo Sales and Marketing offers plans to increase the speed of your website.  We take care of it all for you.  See Plans.

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