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Small businesses often struggle with web design. iGo Sales and Marketing – Your Trusted Partner for Over 10 Years in Small Business Website Design and Lead Generation has helped hundreds of clients over the years to build, maintain and leverage web design to capture leads and increase revenue. Here are some great tips for small business to leverage website design to grow their business.

The Purpose of a Website – Generating Leads

In the digital age, a website is more than an online presence; it’s a powerful tool for generating leads. Many small businesses are not clear on the purpose of a website. They know they need one, but find it challenging to know what content to include, how to lay it out or what to include. Well, let me make it clear: the design of your small business website can play a pivotal role in converting visitors into valuable leads. That is it’s main purpose.

Local Market Focus and Target Customer Appeal

Understanding your local market and appealing to your target customer is crucial. At iGo Sales and Marketing, we start with helping you develop your key buyer persona, motivations and reason for buying. This makes the whole process much easier in terms of design and messaging. Your small business website design must ensure your website is tailored to resonate with your local audience, creating a strong connection with potential customers.

Crafting Effective Calls to Action (CTAs):

Calls to action are the bridge between a visitor and a lead. At iGo Sales and Marketing we help you explore the art of crafting compelling CTAs that encourage visitors to take the next step, which is to call you or complete a lead form. You also have to ensure that your website not only features enticing CTA’s but that they are strategically placed. Calls to action should be specific relevant to your client. Some examples are:

  1. “Get Started Today: Schedule a Free Consultation”
    • Invite visitors to take the first step by offering a free consultation. This creates a low barrier for entry and encourages potential clients to reach out.
  2. “Unlock Exclusive Offers: Subscribe Now!”
    • Entice visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or mailing list by promising exclusive offers or valuable insights. This helps you build a direct line of communication with your audience.
  3. “Transform Your Business: Request a Custom Quote”
    • Encourage visitors to seek a personalized solution by requesting a custom quote. This CTA is effective for businesses with unique needs or services.
  4. “Explore Our Portfolio: See Our Success Stories”
    • Showcase your expertise and build trust by inviting visitors to explore your portfolio. This can include case studies, testimonials, or examples of successful projects.
  5. “Stay Informed: Download Our Free Resource Guide”
    • Provide value to your audience by offering a free resource guide or ebook. This positions your business as an authority in your industry and encourages lead generation.
  6. “Ready to Boost Sales? Request a Demo!”
    • For businesses offering products or services, a demo request is a powerful CTA. It allows potential clients to experience the value you provide firsthand.

The CRM Advantage: Nurturing Leads for Success

Most small businesses don’t recognize the importance of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. iGo Sales and Marketing seamlessly integrates CRMs into your website, ensuring leads are tracked, managed, and nurtured until they become loyal clients. We do this by ensuring lead generation forms automatically populate your CRM system where automations can take place like sending out an introductory email as well as scheduling a call for the business owner or sales department to follow up.

Elevating Marketing Efforts with Automation

Once your small business website design and your CRM are linked together, you can unlock the potential of Marketing Automation. iGo Sales and Marketing automates your marketing processes, streamlining communication, and providing a personalized touch to your interactions with potential clients via emails and scheduled calls. Plus, we can integrate visitor tracking and lead scoring to ensure that you are following up with the most engaged leads based on their engagement with your content.

The Power of Paid Advertising – Google Ads for Relevant Traffic

When you finally have your effective small business website up and running, the next important step is to drive relevant traffic. SEO is not always timely or affordable for small businesses. Even modest SEO gains can take months, or years to achieve. Plus the time or financial investment can be significant. One of the most effective and cost effective ways for small businesses to drive traffic to their website is through paid advertising. Paid advertising, particularly Google Ads, is perfectly suited to drive targeted traffic to your small business website. iGo Sales and Marketing’s expertise ensures your investment yields optimal results.

Spend Time Planning Up front

Most small business approach a website designer and ask “how much” then say they “want a website like this one”. This is the wrong approach. This article highlights the planning and strategy required from targeting, to design to advertising and follow up that are required to bring all the moving parts together and make your website do what it is intended to do: generate leads! At iGo Sales and Marketing our website design process always begins with a Discovery Session where we consult with you to help draft a website design plan and strategy even before the website design process begins.

Choose iGo Sales and Marketing for Your Small Business Web Design Needs. With a decade of experience, we specialize in transforming websites into lead generation machines, integrating CRM and Marketing Automation, and driving relevant traffic through strategic Google Ads campaigns. Here at iGo Sales and Marketing we also have the expertise and ability to customize your website through web development to make your website unique with features.

Contact Us: Ready to take your small business to the next level? Contact iGo Sales and Marketing today to discuss how our expertise can elevate your online presence and drive unparalleled success.

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