WordPress Update Plugins/Themes

Original price was: $ 109.26.Current price is: $ 91.05. plus H.S.T. per hour

Updating plugins and themes can be complicated.  Updating plugins and themes, while necessary for security and functionality can break your site.  We take a full backup before we update test and troubleshoot.  ****Not to exceed 1 hour.


This service is not to exceed 1 hour.  If plugin updates are causing conflict, and we can’t resolve it in the time allotted, we’ll give you the option to restore to the backup or purchase more time to troubleshoot and solve the issues with the new software.

This service includes:

  • A backup to create a restore point (note: iGo Sales and Marketing does not keep and maintain this backup indefinitely).
  • Updating all plugins and themes which are either open source or you have a license to.  Note:  if you do not have a license to paid plugins and themes, it may not be possible to update them without purchasing the license.
  • We will test key features of your site in the time allotted.   WordPress and ecommerce sites can be very complex with hundreds of features.  We cannot reasonably test every single function and feature during plugin updates.  If a problem arises, you will have the option to restore to the backup, or hire us for additional time to troubleshoot a specific issue.

This Service Specifically does not include:

  • Fixing existing problems (other than if the update solves the issue).
  • Creating new features or functionality on your site.
  • Editing content on your site.
  • Changing the styling of your site.


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