WordPress Speed Boost

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Wordpress site running slow?  We can fix it!  We’ll get your WordPress site running FAST! With our standard package a typical 8-9 second page load time can be reduced to 3-4 seconds. With our super speed boost we can often get page load times down to 2-3 seconds. With our Fastest Speed Boost Package, we’re…


Standard Speed Boost Package:

  • Cache your pages so they are served up from static files = way faster.
  • Combine your JavaScript files and minify them = super speed boost
  • Combine your CSS files and minify them = an extra speed bost
  • Check your redirect and minimize them = reduced connection time.
  • Stop render blocking of JavaScript and CSS files = makes your page load all at the same time.
  • Cache Database queries
  • Install an Object Cache
  • Use Google Libraries for some of files, so you get a cross domain speed boost.
  • Enable Gzip so that your server serves up compressed files reducing load times.
  • Enable browser caching, so that your clients keep parts of your web page in their browser, needing to download less from your server.
  • Optimize your images
  • Manually resize up to 10 of the largest image files to reduce page size.

Super Speed Boost Package:

Includes everything above, plus we’ll integrate a content delivery network (CDN).  We’ll implement the free version of CloudFlare which will host small parts of your website on servers all over the World making your website super fast because instead of being bottle-necked by a single server, many servers are sending your content to your client at once.  This is a huge speed advantage.

  • Serve images from subdomain
  • Setup CloudFlare CDN
  • Resize up to 30 images

Fastest Speed Boost Package:

Includes everything in the Standard Speed Boost plus everything in the Super Speed Boost package.  In addition, we’ll review the code and the design of your site and re-design up to 10 pages for speed.  This will typically require a redesign of your site and re-thinking content elements that slow down the pages.  We may also recommend changing web hosts if this is the bottleneck.


Note:  Your hosting server must support the technologies required to enable the above speed optimizations.  If not, we will implement as many as possible, or recommend alternate hosting.  Your hosting environment has a big impact on speed.  Typically if you have a $5/month shared hosting plan it’s going to be difficult to attain these speeds.

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