SuiteCRM Discovery Workshop

$ 547.37 plus H.S.T.

We first start with a SuiteCRM Discovery Meeting. This is a paid consult where we establish the goals of your SuiteCRM project, key design elements and useability requirements. It incudes a 90 minute consult session with our Discovery Workbook. Based on the results and recommendations of the consulting session we’ll be able to give a…


About the CRM Discovery Workshop

While many less experienced agencies provide a proposal without a thorough business analysis and marketing plan for your CRM and business needs, our experience has taught us that there is no way to accurately price a project that is not fully understood and documented. Plus, without understanding business goals and building the infrastructure to support them, it just leads to clients who are either unhappy with the end result or disappointed in the sales and marketing performance of the project.

With a paid CRM Discovery consulting session you will feel comfortable that:

  • Your Project is properly specified, no missing pieces or surprises when you find out something is not included.
  • Your business goals will be properly defined with a plan to meet those goals.
  • A deep dive in to usability and features will ensure the final product is the “best” solution for your needs.
  • Properly specified projects finish on time and on budget.
  • Your comfortable working with us on this small project before you hire us for a much larger website design.
  • Redesign and re-work and revisions are minimized.
  • You’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision about which proposal is best and meets all your project and marketing goals.

If you chose to proceed with hiring us for a SuiteCRM Discovery Workshop, purchase this service today and give us a couple of times that work for you and we’ll setup a 1:1 consult with you.


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