SuiteCRM Coaching Call

$ 97.00 plus H.S.T. per hour

Note:  This is an hourly service.  1 hour minimum.

Need help with SuiteCRM?  Maybe you just need to talk to a live person to answer your questions or give you some guidance?

I’m here to help.  Book an hour screen share with me and I’ll answer any questions or talk you through your sales process and how best to automate it with SuiteCRM.

1 review for SuiteCRM Coaching Call

  1. Christopher Swainhart

    We needed some quick help for our new TV show. Rather than reinvent the wheel we asked Paul Stevens from iGo Sales and Marketing to give us a leg up and help us handle the tens of thousands of GunStuff TV fans. iGo brings years of marketing experience and cutting edge technology to give GunStuff TV a real boost. Thanks iGo!

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