Clean Hacked Website

$ 249.00 plus H.S.T.

If your website is hacked and you don’t have support plan, you’ll need to purchase this service.  Since you don’t have a support plan, we may not have a backup of your installation and removing the virus and or compromised file may require additional work to restore your site (ie: re-creating pages, images and functionality).  If you require further work to restore your site we’ll let you know and provide an estimate as part of the clean up service.


The most common hacks are where your site is either redirected to another site, or it’s hacked in such a way to create many virtual links to other (usually unwanted) sites that appear in Google Search under your business name.

We’re experts at cleaning WordPress websites from hacks and malware.

What our clean hacked website service includes:

  • Removing the malware
  • Returning your website to operability (note: if you have a backup, we will restore to the most recent backup).
  • Re-submitting your website to Google for a re-crawl (if necessary)
  • Adding security measures to reduce future chances of your site becoming compromised.

What our clean hacked website service DOESN’T include:

  • Re-creating lost content that may be lost due to being compromised or erased.
  • We recommend installing and setting an SSL if you do not already have one.  This service is not included in our hacked website service.


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