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Revenue Boosting Ideas for Woocommerce or any ecommerce website.

There are lots of things you can do to boost revenue for Woocommerce or any ecommerce shop that don’t involve spending money on advertising.  Many are simple to implement and will have an immediate effect on boosting online sales.

Start a membership subscription

With Woocommerce it’s easy to set up a monthly/yearly subscription to your site where you can give paid members access to special content, deals and products that are available for members only.  This is a great way of adding new revenue and boosting sales to members.

Sell Tickets

Maybe your store is having a special event with a guest speaker and/or just an instructional evening on how to use the products offered in your store.  You can also sell tickets to this event through Woocommerce and boost your revenue while you’re at it.

Product Add-Ons

Product add-ons are a great way to boost revenue.  For example, you could add gift wrapping to your product to increase revenue.  Pretty much anything you can think of that applies to your product can be added for an additional fee.  This increases your revenue and is a value add for the customer if it’s done right.

Review for Discounts

Wouldn’t it be great to get customers to actually fill out reviews?  Now you can.  You can offer discounts to existing customers in return for writing reviews.  This has the added benefit of increasing sales to non-customers with all that actual review credibility that you’ll get.

Gift Cards

Often when people are buying gift, they don’t know what to get.  Plus, you can offer gift cards as part of promotional offers.  Gift cards are a great way to boost revenue.

Share for Discounts

Ever wish your clients would share your product pages on social media to help you boost sales?  Well now you can reward them for doing so.  You can give client discount credits when they share your content on social media.

Set Up Affiliates

You don’t have to do all the hard work of finding clients for your website.  Set up an affiliate program and other people can feature your products on their websites.  Of course  you pay them a small commission for the sale, but the boost in business is worth it.

Send Emails to Clients after Delivery to Write a Reviews

Potential clients read reviews before purchasing.  You can automatically send emails to your clients say, 7 days after shipment and ask them to write a review.  This takes zero time, is all automatic and will help you get those reviews you need to increase your sales.

Point of Sale

If you’re at an event or trade show, all you need is an ipad and a WIFI connection.  Woocommerce can be configured as a point of sale system.  All you have to do is take orders on the spot, bill the credit card and all your orders are processed and inventory is relieved.  This is a great efficient and time saving practise.  Plus, it makes your trade show or event look professional!

Abandoned Cart Emails

Research shows that about 60% of abandoned carts can be recovered with a simple email.  With Woocommerce you can set up an automated email when a cart is not purchased after a certain length of time.  You can let the client know that their cart is still active and in a few clicks they can complete the purchase.  This is a guaranteed way to boost revenue.


NOTE:  Most of the functionality in this article is not standard Woocommerce and requires additional software and Plugins to accomplish.  iGo Sales and Marketing can help you get the most out of your Woocommerce website with any of the above strategies.

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