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Many small businesses embark on a small business logo design project focusing way too much on creative and not so much on the practicality of a logo design.  Here are some key consideration in small business logo design.

You’re not Nike!

Many small businesses erroneously over focus on an image or symbol.  Nike has spent billions of marketing dollars over many years so that people know the swoosh is Nike.  Even Nike way back when had both Nike and the swoosh.  It takes time and money to create an association with symbol.  As a new or small business you should really focus on a clear communication of you business name in a way that potential clients can understand what you do.

This is not an Art Project

Ok, it’s a little bit of an art project, but for your graphic artist.  Many small businesses spend way too much time focusing on the hidden or more complex meaning of a the creative art part of the logo.  Keep in mind, the key thing you’re trying to do here is develop a symbol that represents your business and clearly communicates what you do.

Consider different mediums

Many clients want photos as part of their logos.  This is something I usually recommend against.  First of all, if you’re using stock art, it’s owned by the photographer and can’t be trademarked.  Secondly, it’s pretty hard to reproduce on different mediums like business cards, signs, billboards, etc.  As you know when you make photos bigger they get pixelated and hard to see.

Consider different sizes

I often see small business who get “their son’s high school friend who knows photo shop” to make a logo.  They add text and fonts that maybe look good on a screen, but when you make the logo small for a business card, or print it on letterhead, add it to a fax header (if anyone is still using faxes!), etc. you can’t read the text.

Consider background colours

You’re logo won’t always appear on a certain color of background.  Maybe you’ve chosen a white logo on a black background.  What are you going to do when your logo has to go on a white background, like when you print it on letterhead for example.  Consider how your logo will look both on dark and light backgrounds.

Consider the width to height ratio

Your logo is going to be printed on business cards, used as your Facebook image, appear on your website, etc.  If you have a logo that’s tall and thin, you’re going to have trouble making it fit in all the different applications.  Conversely, if you have a wide and short logo you’re going to run into the same issue.  Either a square or small ratio rectangle will fit in almost any application.

Hire a professional logo designer!

A professional logo designer who has experience with marketing, your message and different design elements will create a professional logo for you.  I strongly recommend hiring a professional for this task.  iGo Sales and Marketing has many affordable logo design packages available through our website if you need a logo or are considering a re-brand.

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