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Would you go to a job interview wearing track pants and sneakers? The first impression is very important as it will be the first thing that people will remember about you. If you do everything possible to look professional and present yourself in the best possible way, why would you present your company with a lousy, ugly or outdated logo? Or even worse, without a logo?

Your logo design is as important as your company’s name. With your logo, you have the opportunity to communicate what your company represents, what your business is about and show the identity of your company. If your logo is well done, it can talk for you and communicate what your company does without having to read any text.

A logo can position in the consumer’s mind and stay there forever. There are many logos that we grew up with and are already embedded in our brain, therefore every time we see them, we know exactly what product or service they represent.

Your logo design is the first impression that your possible leads will encounter. So what you want is for them to like your logo as this will be the first step for them to move on and show more interest in what you’re selling. It’s like provoking love at first sight between your customers and your logo right from the start. Give considerable thought to your logo design.

 Here are a few things to consider when thinking about your logo design:


Each colour has many different meanings. It might even mean something different depending on the country that you are in. I will get into a more in depth analysis of colours in my next blog; so make sure to read part 2 of this blog next week.


With so many options nowadays, you have to pick the typography that agrees with the essence of your company. It can be classic or modern, depending on what you like and the image that you want your customers to have about your company.

 Image, text or image and text-

There are some companies that don’t necessarily want an image related to their company. They only want text, if that’s your case, you might want to pick a typography that is unique. If you want an image associated with the name of your company, think about the elements that need to be part of that image so they represent the essence of the company.

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