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How to Generate a Million Dollars in New Gross Margin per Year

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Digital Marketing is a powerful tool for growing your business, for those willing to invest the time and money in a great online marketing system.  Here’s a case study of how iGo Sales and Marketing helped one of our clients generate a million dollars in new business gross margin in one fiscal year.


The client had spent many years working on their sales force and marketing message.  They invested heavily for many years in telemarketing and direct sales.  Like many business, this was a very difficult and not very fruitful way to generate business.  It was also incredibly expensive.  Telesales reps can cost between $25,000 -$30,000 per year each and direct “on the road” sales reps can cost up to three times that.  Plus, because it was largely unsuccessful, turnover was a huge factor.

The client found that it took almost 200 cold calls to generate an interested lead.   In addition, because of the constant push for new business, leads often got overlooked in favour new prospecting efforts and call counts.

A Paradigm Shift

Once you realize that you are LIMITED by your sales force, you start to think about things differently.  A sales rep, no matter how good can only make so many contacts in a day.  A direct sales rep can only visit so many clients, return so many phone calls, etc.  Your sales resource is precious!

What if you could stop wasting your precious sales resources on calling people, who aren’t interested, don’t return phone calls and generally, don’t want to talk to your sales people?


I know this sounds impossible, but it is possible!

Sales Swarming with Digital Marketing

What if you could use technology to contact and market to interested parties and ONLY use your sales resources to contact people who are ready and willing to buy?  Here’s how it’s done.

You literally can SWARM your prospects with marketing messages using digital marketing technology.  Leverage digital marketing to nurture your sales leads and prospects and ONLY contact them through your sales team when they are ready to buy.  I know this sounds like a dream, but it really is possible with today’s technology and some forethought and design.

Step 1:

You need to have a great website that’s designed to generate leads.  By this I mean every page needs to be considered a “landing page”.  It should have a specific sales purpose, call to action and contact form.

Step 2:

You need to start tracking your website visitors so you can REMARKET to them.  By this I mean you can follow your web visitors around the internet and serve them up display and video ads that are designed to drive them back to a conversion form on you website.

Step 3:

You need to start driving paid traffic to your site, so that you can track the visitors and continue to market to them.

Step 4:

You need to convert those web visitors to leads through your conversion forms and calls to action.  This step you need a CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) to collect the leads and track internally.

Step 5

You need to generate a set of carefully designed emails to regularly market to your leads in your CRM.  Some are designed to brand your business; some are designed to highlight key benefits, while others are designed to convert leads to clients.

Step 6:

Track what your leads do.  Most CRM’s have the ability to not only send email marketing campaigns, but also to track opens and click throughs and form fills.  Based on this action, you can then determine the action for your sales reps.

Step 7:

Now send in your sales resources.  Once a client takes action like clicking through your emails, downloading content, or filling out a pre designed form, you know they’re in the buying cycle.

Step 8:

Close the deal!


Key Advantages


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